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How VR has changed the film making industry?

Virtual reality has changed everything that tends to deal with technological advancements in the world today. The movie industry, for that matter, is equally affected. The VR has altered the movie industry to the extent of making it difficult for old technology to adapt to the latest movie trends. There are various ways the film making industry has changed following the introduction of the VR, and some are listed below.



From Viewing to Experiencing

The change from film to VR has proved to be more significant as compared to the leap which was previously witnessed from radio to film. In that era, there was sound evidence, and then the light came about. In today’s age, however, the VR has introduced to the mix a more immersive sensation.

The individuals who have tried this out feel like they are in the golden gate bridge rather than saying that they saw it. Movies are currently experienced and not seen. With the era of the VR, the viewer feels part of the movie itself and contact like they are part and [parcel of the film and the scenes.


Newly Introduced Standards

The new era of VR movies has come with new standards which include the over 60 fps instead of the initial 24 fps. There are lots of standards too, which are evolving day by day, making the experience amazing with the VR movies. With the fully immersive 3D VR which is photographically real, the human brain does not need to notice the screen which it is looking at any more.

Instead, the brain thinks that it is right inside the environment of the scene. In this case, the 3D is a requirement. The older technologies such as the 2D footage when putting into the VR displays are not capable of giving the same experience.

Similarly, the standards which are introduced in the VR movie era today requires imagery of very high resolution as well as a very accurate measuring scale. With the requirements, the standards are raised to the level that the older technology in the sector cannot meet them.

More Flexible Timelines

In the older technologies of filmmaking, one can utilize the non-linear stories as well as flashbacks together with other gadgets to change the set timelines. However, each theatrical release has to be not less than 72 minutes. Similarly, it begins when the lights diminish and end with the rolling of the credits.

On the other hand, VR movies are quite different in this case. The VR might be something you feel like coming back to for longer times to view lots of aspects or even attempt distinct paths. It is so flexible, and you can jump in for any time you want to be it 72 hours or even 72 seconds.


The Interaction with the Audiences and Characters

Today, the VR movies have brought about a significant change in the presentation of the characters as well as the actual acting. In this movies era, some characters that used not to excel in the audio times have performed the best for the reason which is related to the best features of the VR.

In case there were VRs in the Oscars for instance, people would say that they had met the characters such as Julianne Moore rather than having to make sentiments like, I saw the character so and so. With the introduction of VR movies, the actors and the audiences get to interact in such away freely that was not possible before. It has, therefore, opened up a platform for people to adjust to how the storytellers tend to deal with characters.


Changes in the Camera Movements

Following the immersive of the VR, some camera movements can lead to motion sickness to the viewers. This can also be applied for the case of IMAX and even the regular motion photo cinematography where you can tend to move the camera but within certain restrictions.

Therefore, with the introduction of the VR, the camera movement control has shifted from the filmmaker to the viewers or even in some cases, a combination of the two. As such, the era of VR movies has brought with it an improved viewer experience. There is clear evidence of the far filmmakers is capable of developing camera movements in the VR movies today.



It is clear that none knows where the VR technology is headed, and none can therefore tell. What is evident is what impacts it has brought in the world today, especially in the filmmaking industry. The above changes that have resulted following the introduction of the VR movies have altered everything in the industry. Today, the 3D film and the 3D goggles are utilized with an advanced technology that the older technology finds it hard to adapt.


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